You won’t see a more diverse skill set anywhere else in the industry.  Just take a look at our sample projects below and you will quickly see our versatility and range.  We are “Strong in Every Direction.”

Titan Energy Park

McCrossin orchestrated a monumental transformation at the Titan Energy Park, breathing new life into a historic 1915 brass manufacturing plant. Our skilled team revitalized the existing structures, seamlessly converting the mammoth facility into a thriving business community that now hosts many diverse industries. This remarkable project showcases McCrossin’s expertise in preservation, adaptive reuse, and sustainability. Titan Energy Park stands as a testament to our commitment to industrial revitalization and won the 2023 Preservation and Restoration Award at the 35th Annual John H. Ziegler Historic Preservation Awards.

Beaver Stadium

One of McCrossin’s first notable projects entailed dismantling the 30,000 seat stadium for the Penn State Nittany Lions and relocating it to its current location on the east end of campus. It was then reassembled and expanded to 46,284 seats, and named Beaver Stadium in 1960.  Over the years, McCrossin has helped Penn State make many renovations to Beaver Stadium including installing new scoreboards, lighting and structural enhancements.

Fuel Loading Station

The Martin’s Creek Fuel Oil Loading Station project required five rail cars to be loaded at one time. McCrossin built the concrete containment area, concrete rail road piers, loading station, electrical systems, mechanical 14” weld piping, stainless air piping, and fiberglass drain piping. Our teams installed caissons inside of a containment dike that had no access for equipment, so in response, an auger attachment was fitted to an excavator. The excavator was able to reach the pile location that was not accessible for a traditional drill rig. McCrossin finished the project on time, and the site was exporting oil by rail car before deadline.

Metropolitan High-rise

McCrossin was responsible for all structural concrete for this 12-story commercial and residential high-rise in downtown State College. The building features retail space on the first floor, office rooms on the 2nd, and rental apartments on the remaining floors. Some of the tasks we completed were: footings, cast-in-place walls, corewall construction using jump form, Slab on grade, 2” topping slab elevated precast parking garage, elevated landings at stairs and elevators, cast-in-place elevated slabs, drop slab, and beams, at-grade footings, Sidewalks, handicap ramps, and geo foam insulation decks.

Jet Bio Fuel Test Facility

The U.S. Navy has been actively involved in exploring and adopting bio jet fuel as part of its commitment to sustainability and energy diversification. As part of this initiative, we built everything for a process engineer to support the navy in testing bio fuels.  We installed all of the equipment, piping and electrical connections and then supported them during start up.  The picture is of a process steam dryer used to dry the fermented material that is converted into jet fuel.  McCrossin built everything for the owner in a quick time frame on a T&M basis. 

Waste Water
Treatment Plant

McCrossin designed and installed extensive piping that runs throughout Penn State’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP).  We have also supported the client with critical plumbing, concrete, earthwork, and mechanical specialty services. Penn State’s WWTP has been in operation since the early 1900’s, and provides sanitary sewer service to a majority of the University Park Campus and a small portion of the State College Borough in the College Heights District and has a hydraulic capacity to treat up to 4.0 million gallons of wastewater per day.

Power Plant
Cooling tower

The Brunner Island Electric Station is a coal-fired and natural gas-powered electrical generation facility in York County, Pennsylvania. McCrossin did the civil engineering and structural work on the cooling tower, including placement and testing of a 12 foot diameter precast pipe weighting 50,000 pounds per section, installation of concrete pads an piers and setting and rigging new equipment.  Over the years McCrossin has been heavily involved in the facility’s upgrades including their conversion from coal to natural gas.

Electric Substation

McCrossin was instrumental in making the Susquehanna to Roseland Power Line Project a success which more than doubled its existing output from 230kV to 500kV.  The 150-mile-long, 500-kilovolt line links the Susquehanna nuclear power plant to a switching station in Roseland, New Jersey, bolstering the reliability of the power grid that serves 61 million people in all or parts of 13 states plus the District of Columbia.  McCrossin built the substations, provided the direct connection work and installed shunt capacitors.

Steel Mill Dam Replacement

This project includes replacement of the timber pieces on the timber crib dam and the abutment stone masonry retaining wall with a new reinforced concrete retaining wall. This dam is located across Kishacoquillas Creek in Burnham Borough, Mifflin County.

nuclear Powered
bitcoin mining Plant

Here one of our specialty drilling rigs installs engineered foundations for a new 500kva substation at the Susquehanna Power Plant. It’s part of the upgrades that are feeding a computer data center and crypto mining operation.  The 1,200-acre campus aims to provide zero-carbon emission energy from Susquehanna’s nuclear power facility making it the first nuclear-powered bitcoin mine in the U.S.

water intake facility

Over the years McCrossin has constructed numerous waste water treatment plants all over the Mid-Atlantic, providing construction, mechanical, electrical and pump installation services. This picture shows the team in action building a water intake tank.


The renovation of Donegal Lake Dam was comprised of new construction and enhancements to meet current dam safety criteria. This included armoring of the embankment with Roller Compacted Concrete, removing and replacing the primary concrete Spillway with a new, cast-in-place concrete structure, extending the existing outlet conduit, installing an embankment drain system, replacing the existing stoplog system in the Control Tower and raising the right abutment crest approximately five feet.

Walking Beam Furnace

McCrossin was instrumental in this large project where a new walking-beam reheat furnace was built for a rail steel manufacturer.  McCrossin provided construction, mechanical and steel fabrication services that included advanced energy and environmental technology.

Scudder Falls Bridge Replacement

The new $500-million bridge span connects New Jersey to Pennsylvania. McCrossin Foundations was subcontracted to drill the foundations for each of the piers on the Main River Bridge, as well as driven pile, miscellaneous SOE work, and drilled shafts for land structures. The work on the Main River Bridge consists of 760-each 60-inch diameter drilled shafts that range in lengths up to 40 feet. The driven piling work consists of h-piles which range in lengths of 40 to 70 feet. The miscellaneous SOE work consists of tieback anchors and soldier pile walls.

Lewis Katz Law Building

The Lewis Katz Building at Penn State University is a signature work of architecture that reflects the progressive educational program of its school of law. McCrossin implemented exterior site enhancements including hardscaping of sidewalks, accent walls and other distinctive design features. The completed work seamlessly integrates with the architectural design of the building, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing exterior.

"we are" monument

The iconic “We Are” monument was created by sculptor Jonathan Cramer, who drew inspiration for its creation from the 1948 PSU football team that overcame racial adversity with the mantra “We Are Penn State.”  McCrossin installed the monument in 2016.  Click the link below to see the story behind its creation.  You’ll see our team installing it at the 6 minute mark.

Pasquerilla Spiritual Center

The largest multi-faith center of its kind in the country, The Pasquerilla Spiritual Center is home to the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Development at Penn State. McCrossin designed and built the Chappell.  The center offers a welcoming, safe, inclusive environment, and aims to promote an environment of appreciation and respect for religious and spiritual diversity.

Holtwood Whitewater Kayak Course

McCrossin built this $4 million whitewater kayak play-boating park below the Holtwood Dam that is open to the public. By remote control, a metal gate opens on the York County side of the Holtwood Dam and water from the Susquehanna river  gushes down the newly constructed channel at 755 cubic feet per second, turning it into churning, splashing whitewater reminiscent of a Western river.


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