Strong in Every Direction

McCrossin’s “Strong in Every Direction” video showcases our multifaceted capabilities and unwavering commitment to excellence. Highlighting our diverse range of services, McCrossin stands poised to meet and exceed the evolving needs of our clients in every direction.

Our Rich Heritage

Established in 1951

McCrossin has a storied history that began in 1951 as a general contractor with a focus on small commercial projects. Over the years, our commitment to quality and precision laid the foundation for our transformation into a major construction company.

Penn State Legacy

Our journey started with the construction of key components of Penn State’s infrastructure. Notably, McCrossin played a pivotal role in shaping the University’s Park campus, with one of our earliest projects being the construction of a Hen Barn. The historic link between McCrossin and Penn State continues to this day.

Beaver Stadium Relocation

One of our most notable achievements was the relocation of Beaver Stadium from its original site to its current iconic location. In a groundbreaking project, the 30,000-seat stadium was dismantled, carefully moved, and then reassembled and expanded to accommodate 46,284 seats. Completed in 1960, the project not only solidified Beaver Stadium’s place in history but also showcased McCrossin’s expertise in handling complex and large-scale endeavors.

Evolution with Innovation

Fast-forward to the present, and McCrossin stands at the forefront of construction innovation and technology. We have embraced digital construction capabilities that allow us to efficiently fabricate key components in our state-of-the-art facilities. This approach enables us to ship pre-assembled structures to the site, streamlining the construction process.

Modular Construction Expertise

In response to the changing landscape of construction, McCrossin has embraced modular construction as the new normal. Our world-class mechanical, structural, and electrical shop positions us to execute projects with unparalleled excellence. The ability to prefabricate elements in a controlled environment not only ensures quality but also enhances the efficiency of on-site assembly.

BIM Technology Integration

Our commitment to seamless project execution is further exemplified through Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. This integration connects our engineering team with the execution teams, fostering smooth communication from the design phase to the construction environment. McCrossin’s adoption of cutting-edge technologies reflects our dedication to staying ahead of industry trends and providing our clients with innovative solutions.

Building a Legacy

As we continue to build on our legacy, McCrossin remains a symbol of reliability, innovation, and excellence in the construction industry. Our history is not just a chronicle of the past; it is a demonstration of our enduring commitment to shaping the future of construction. Over the years we have won many awards and received many honors.  As testament to this, we have been highly ranked in the Engineering News Record (ENR) for many years.  

Building Excellence

McCrossin has built over 7,600 construction projects that total over 1 billion dollars of sales. With a proven track record of excellence, McCrossin continues to redefine industry standards, delivering exceptional construction solutions that surpass client expectations and make McCrossin a name you can trust.

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Pillars of Leadership

Robert F. Leahey - President

Leadership Steeped in Legacy

In 2001, Robert F. Leahey assumed the mantle of leadership at McCrossin, following in the footsteps of his father, who had served as the company’s president for five decades. A proud graduate of Penn State University, Bob’s journey with McCrossin began in 1983 as a Superintendent. After a brief hiatus to contribute his expertise to noteworthy projects such as the CIA headquarters, the Presidential Helicopter Facility, and the Portsmouth Naval Hospital, he returned to McCrossin in 1994, bringing a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective.

A Visionary President

Under Bob’s stewardship as President, McCrossin has undergone remarkable growth and transformation. His emphasis on expanding the company’s design-build capabilities has allowed McCrossin to provide comprehensive solutions tailored to every owner’s needs. Bob’s strategic vision led to the creation of specialized divisions within the company, consolidating construction and foundation solutions under one roof.

Building on Relationships

Bob is more than a leader; he is the custodian of relationships. Maintaining strong ties with suppliers, owners, and partners, he has cultivated a reputation in the industry that serves as the bedrock of McCrossin’s success. Actively involved in day-to-day operations, Bob oversees not only the headquarters in Bellefonte but also satellite offices throughout the state, ensuring a hands-on approach to every facet of the business.


Preserving a Legacy of Trust

As McCrossin remains a privately-held family company, Bob upholds his father’s philosophy of delivering on promises. His role as President is not merely administrative; it is integral to building and nurturing trust, loyalty, and honesty between McCrossin and its valued clients.


Joseph J. Leahey - Vice President

Navigating Complexity with Expertise

Joe Leahey, the Vice President of McCrossin, brings a unique blend of mechanical engineering and environmental resource management expertise to the executive team. A Penn State University alumnus, Joe actively manages the project portfolio alongside his brother, Bob, as part of the dynamic leadership duo.

Strategic Business Development

Joe’s role extends beyond traditional project management. As the primary lead for business development and sales, Joe spearheads initiatives to secure and manage McCrossin’s most challenging projects. His focus on safety programs underscores McCrossin’s commitment to a secure working environment. Joe’s strategic mindset is evident in his hands-on approach to managing teams, ensuring that each project receives the attention it deserves.

Supervision and Negotiation Prowess

As the direct supervisor for all McCrossin management staff, Joe’s leadership extends to subcontractor negotiations, supplier relations, regulatory compliance, and architect/engineer interactions. His proficiency in navigating the intricacies of code compliance and regulations reflects a commitment to excellence in every aspect of the construction process.

Mid-Atlantic Presence

While based at the headquarters in Bellefonte, Joe’s responsibilities extend far beyond central Pennsylvania. Actively traveling throughout the Mid-Atlantic region for project management and supervisory duties, Joe brings McCrossin’s expertise and commitment to quality to diverse locations.

Safety Is Our Highest Priority

At McCrossin, safety is not just a program; it’s an unwavering commitment and a fundamental aspect of our company’s culture. McCrossin’ s growth and development as a company has come from its people.  We have a leadership group that recruits, trains and builds our project teams.  Project teams work together to promote safety, creativity and foster innovation.  We have found that independent project teams create more innovation on projects.  These teams are the cornerstone of our company’s culture, fostering more cooperation which results in higher levels of quality, safety and performance.   



Though we are ever conscientious of remaining on-schedule, it is never at the cost of safety. The finest craftsmanship, skill, experience, and design are not worth the expense of unsafe practices or preventable injury. Our clients trust us to deliver excellence on every job, and our employees trust us with their safety, knowing that we put their well-being above all else. This is why we have made the commitment to empowering our team members with the most recent safety training and education available. At McCrossin, we consider the safety of our team members and general public to be our greatest priority.



Rules that we implement through our formalized program are there for a reason- our most important asset is our people. McCrossin puts people’s safety first, and organizes our self-performing services around this rule. Our Safety Committee was created to address issues surrounding the safety of our workers and to stay aligned with changes in the industry that could affect our team. We make an industry-wide effort to avoid injury, and we regularly offer on-site training for various types of hazards that workers may come in contact with. We are vigilant in inviting OSHA and private safety consultants to review our safety program and job sites to provide feedback and improvements.



Our corporate Safety Director has over 30 years’ experience in safety coordination.  He is a hands-on leader and motivator capable of dealing with all levels of employees, subcontractors and clients.  He supports our team to identify, plan and train crews to work safely.  Our skills make us ideal to take on challenging projects from mines to chemical plants, and steel mills to schools. Owners like what we do so much that they have hired us to train their personnel and improve the safety at their facilities. McCrossin team is “strong in every direction”.

A Holistic Approach

We advocate not only a safe working environment but also a safe living environment for our team members. Our safety slogan encapsulates this commitment succinctly: “Safety is our way of life.”

Industry-Wide Responsibility

Our commitment to safety doesn’t stop with the McCrossin team. We make an industry-wide effort to train our colleagues, aiming to prevent injuries across the construction sector. McCrossin conducts on-site training for a spectrum of hazards, including Job Safety Analysis, OSHA and MSHA training, as well as working  in confined spaces, operating in excavation sites, fall protection, and equipment  training.

Protecting Our Most Important Asset

We recognize that our people are our most crucial asset. Ensuring their safety is not just an obligation but a moral imperative. The rules implemented through our formalized safety program are crafted with precision because the well-being of our team is non-negotiable.

Continuous Improvement

At McCrossin, our commitment to safety is our most important job.. We regularly invite OSHA consultants and private safety consultants to scrutinize our safety program. Their feedback serves as a catalyst for continuous improvement, ensuring that every site remains an injury-free zone. We invest in training, technology, and expertise to stay ahead of evolving safety standards.

Safety Training and Certifications


    • MSHA Underground and Surface
    • Coal
    • Metal/Non-Metal
    • Instructor Part 46, 47, 48, 56, 57, 58, 62, 75 and 77


    • OSHA 10 & OSHA 30
    • Instructor for Construction and General Industry
    • Authorized OSHA Instructor for Construction (500), General Industry (501), Industrial Hygiene (521), Confined Space (2264), Excavation, Trenching, Soil Mechanics (3010), Electrical Standards (3095), Fall Arrest (3110)
    • Heavy equipment training and certification
    • National Safety Council
    • Instructor for CPR, AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens


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