At McCrossin, we redefine value by seamlessly integrating four specialized, self performing divisions: General, Electrical, Mechanical, and Foundations to offer our clients a comprehensive suite of services. This unique approach ensures that every aspect of a project, from its inception to completion, is meticulously managed by dedicated experts with unparalleled expertise. By harnessing the synergy of these divisions, we not only streamline the construction process but also deliver unmatched efficiency, quality, and innovation across a diverse spectrum of project requirements.


Over 70 Years of Construction Experience

McCrossin stands as one of the most versatile, self-performing firms in the Mid-Atlantic. We offer end-to-end construction solutions, seamlessly managing all phases with precision. We respect our clients’ resources like our own and navigate projects conscientiously within budgetary and scheduling guidelines. McCrossin is where construction mastery meets your vision.



Pre-Construction Planning

This is where we chart the construction course for a successful job with our engineering expertise. We leverage our wealth of experience to create the best strategic plan to meet the parameters of your project.



Build Information Modeling (BIM) 

BIM has redefined the way we approach and execute projects. BIM’s revolutionizes implementation, collaboration, and management across the entire construction lifecycle. From initial design to final completion, and even facility management, BIM has become an indispensable tool for McCrossin and our clients.  It cuts costs, increases project speed at all stages, and improves safety across the board. As a leader in BIM platforms such as Trimble MEP, Autodesk Build/Revit, and Solidworks, we integrate these tools daily to elevate the quality andaccuracy of our projects. Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of BIM applications ensures that our clients get the best possible results.



Site Surveying & Development 

Site surveying is a crucial step that marks out the project’s correct location, verifies horizontal and vertical positioning, and ensures accurate construction placement.  This combined with our site development expertise, ensures adherence to regulations, minimizes risks, and lays the groundwork for a successful build. 



Soil and Geotechnical Improvement

Soil testing assesses soil composition and conditions for structural integrity, weight-bearing capacity, drainage, and resilience to weather conditions. Our Geotechnical investigators also evaluate rock composition and groundwater conditions to guide foundation planning.  When necessary we modify the soil and geological conditions to improve an area’s load-bearing capacity, stability, and overall suitability for construction.




Design-build is a pivotal part of McCrossin’s project delivery method, uniting design and construction phases under a single contract. This streamlined approach fosters efficient communication, accelerates project timelines, and provides cost certainty. With a singular point of responsibility, design-build minimizes risks, enhances innovation, and encourages value engineering. Clients benefit from active involvement, clearer expectations, and adaptability.



Structural Concrete and Steel

Structural concrete is a fundamental element of our construction process, playing a vital role in the integrity and stability of our buildings. It serves as the backbone of structures, either forming an integral part of the structure or bearing substantial loads within the overall framework. McCrossin has decades of experience building robust and durable structures, capable of withstanding diverse loads and forces from multiple directions. Similarly, steel offers many of the same structural benefits as concrete, but its versatility in design allows for greater architectural freedom and efficient construction, enabling innovative and aesthetically pleasing projects with quicker completion timelines. McCrossin’s mastery of structural steel ensures our capability to efficiently and innovatively construct enduring and environmentally conscious structures for our clients.

Precast Structures

McCrossin’s expertise in offering precast construction is crucial for several reasons. First, precast elements are manufactured with precision in a controlled environment, ensuring consistency and durability in the final structure. Additionally, off-site production accelerates construction timelines, contributing to faster project completion. The use of precast elements enhances efficiency, reduces on-site labor needs, and minimizes construction waste. McCrossin’s proficiency in precast construction demonstrates a commitment to innovation, cost-effectiveness, and sustainable building practices, providing clients with a versatile and efficient construction solution. 


Utility Installation

To bring your project to completion, McCrossin extends its capabilities to include thorough utility installation services. We specialize in seamlessly integrating vital public services and infrastructure, from water and sewer lines to gas installations, electrical conduits, and telecommunications. Our expertise ensures the proper integration of essential utilities.


We perform in-house pipe prefabrication, and have maintained strong working relationships with suppliers to ensure our clients receive competitively priced materials in time to meet demanding schedules.Trusted by pharmaceutical and food processing plants, our Mechanical division excels in adhering to stringent regulations, performing quality control, fabrication, design systems, welding, repair, and managing multi-phased projects. We adapt our work schedules to support our clients’ production needs, so we don’t interrupt operations. McCrossin specializes in process piping for various operations, including water treatment for fracking sites, pharmaceutical plants, and large-scale manufacturers. Our HVAC services cover steam, chilled water, heating, hot water, and a range of piping systems, establishing us as the region’s most trusted industrial plumbing contractor.


Below are a few of the many mechanical services that McCrossin offers:


  • Utility piping for steam, sanitary systems, storm water, utilities, emergency, and plants

  • HVAC systems, plumbing, and geothermal

  • Water systems, including clarifiers, process piping, and chemical treatment systems

  • Industrial piping, including chemical sewer, gas, potable water, steel and stainless 

  • Quality Control Programs


At McCrossin, we are committed to delivering enduring excellence in electrical work, designed to withstand the test of time and the demands of extended facility use. To enhance client convenience, our team includes a licensed commercial electrical inspector and master electrician. Mindful of long-term energy efficiency goals, we prioritize cost-effective solutions without compromising on consistency and performance standards. In cases requiring a temporary outage, we strategically maintain critical systems while enhancing existing structures to ensure uninterrupted client operations.


McCrossin specializes in Power Generation, Interior and Exterior Power, Electrical Control Systems and Lighting.


Offering primary and secondary power services, along with expertise in electrical control systems, McCrossin excels in providing medium voltage primary power to sites, securing necessary equipment and transformers. Our teams fulfill diverse low-voltage requirements for telecommunications, sound, lighting, security systems, alarm systems, data, area rescue, and more.

Below are a few of the many electrical services that McCrossin offers:

    • HV and MV Equipment Setting
    • Connections and Terminations
    • Commissioning 
    • Fiber Optic Systems 
    • MV and LV Distribution systems 
    • Switchgear and Transformer replacement 
    • Communication, security, sound, lighting, ESCO deliverables


McCrossin Foundations specializes in a diverse array of deep foundation techniques, including small diameter drilling, large diameter drilling, and piling, providing comprehensive solutions from a single, reliable partner. Our seasoned professionals adeptly handle projects of any scale, ranging from expansive assignments to smaller, single-element endeavors.

Boasting a versatile fleet of company-owned equipment, we offer prompt dispatch for immediate project needs. With over 100 years of combined geotechnical experience, our team excels in various applications, encompassing inland and marine geotechnical construction and design, forensic investigation, quality assurance, and general construction.

Combining superior foundation products with McCrossin Foundations’ preparatory expertise ensures the safe and timely completion of your project.

Our robust equipment fleet is centrally located for fast deployment so your job doesn’t wait on our schedule. 

  • Large diameter rigs
  • Small diameter rigs
  • Lattice-boom crawler style cranes
  • Rough terrain hydraulic cranes
  • Pile driving equipment
  • Marine construction equipment
  • Restricted access drilling equipment
  • Pumping and shotcrete equipment

Empowering our workforce with machinery

The heart of McCrossin’s excellence resides in its dedicated workforce. Recognizing the inherent value in our people, we amplify their capabilities and enhance client experiences by equipping them with state-of-the-art tools and machinery, fostering a synergy that elevates both our team and the quality of our projects.


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