Project Description

Project Description

McCrossin, Inc addressed the potential existing inadequacies as per the New York Department of Environmental, and it was determined that the base optional regulation volume required for the ASTs is 100% of the primary tank volume.


Engineering design plans were developed to address the issues associagted with the secondary containment system of the Tank Farm area. The construction work involved surveying the existing containment, grading the existing containment slopes whilst repairing and replacing the corroded drain system.

Containment structures were installed whilst controlling the water levels on site due to the infiltration from the artesian water source. The work also involved removing and stabilizing the Gabion wall and installing the secondary containment liner which was supplied by J.H. Waters, Inc.


The project was successfully completed and praised by the owner.

“This was the first time working with McCrossin and was very pleased with the overall outcome of the project. The team was professional in all aspects of the project. Safety was a large concern for me on this project due to the environment, but after the first few week that was put to test based on their High level of safety. I look forward to working with McCrossin in the future. Thanks for the great project!”

Project Details

Job Name: Metropolitan

Contract Amount: $1,329,264