Project Description

Project Description

G.M. McCrossin, Inc. performed the General, Construction services for this project.

The general scope of work is the replacement of the burners in Kiln 6 and 7 at Graymont’s Pleasant Gap facility.  The project includes replacement of the burners in Kilns 6 and 7, installation of a steel platform above to Kiln Control Room, installation of two natural gas valve trains on the proposed steel platform, installation of structural walkway, installation of connecting pipe to regulator station, , air and emergency cooling air piping and ductworks.


The project consisted of 3 phases whereby in phase 1 the focus was on completing the work without shutting down kiln 6 or 7. Work in this phase included but not limited to the installation of a natural gas pipe which was tied into a live gas line through the utilization of s Skillet flange for isolation and the installation of a pre built stool piece at the plant regular station.


Phase 2 involved the installation of the new burner in Kiln 7. The work was completed in 5 days of the shutdown of Kiln 7 and included the demoloition of the Kiln 7 Burner Trolley and then istalling a Kiln 7 Burner.


Phase 3 involved  the installation of the new burner in Kiln 6.  The work in this phase was completed in 5 dyas and involved the removal of the kiln 6 to the installation of the Kiln 6 Blower, Trolley and Burner.

Project Details

Job Name: McCrossin Garymont Kiln 6 and 7 Project 4

Contract Amount: $423,885