Project Description

Project Description

McCrossin undertook the below scheduled scope of work as per the RFP-26 design specifications

The work included furnishing and installation of all raw water intake work that involved erosion and sedimentation control, state approved portable dam work and associated dewatering works, as well as all necessary piping (stainless steel included). This included raw water intake equipment and intake screens to HDPE to SS transition coupling;

Concrete reinforcement for pipe encasement, intake foundation and deflector, as well as required excavation for piping and concrete works;

Temp intake pipe, including core drilling existing structure. This also included bubbler carrier and stilling piping, as well as SS tubing; and

Two wedgewire intake screens and an air backwash system

Project Details

Job Name: CDM Smith Bloomsburg WTP Site Piping

Start Date: 13 November 2014:

Expected Completion Date: 2015