McCrossin believes in performing electrical work that stands the test of time and the occurrences that come along with extended use of a facility. For our clients’ convenience, we house a licensed commercial electrical inspector and master electrician on staff. We are mindful of clients’ goals to maintain energy efficiency and energy cost savings over the long term, taking care to perform work that meets budgetary guidelines without compromising consistency and performance standards.

If the project demands a temporary outage, we will maintain critical systems while enhancing the existing structure so as not to interrupt our client’s operating procedures. Our standard protocol involves devising a detailed procedure before initiating work so that outages occur in manageable, planned phases.

We are capable of providing primary power and secondary power services, as well as electrical control systems. McCrossin is experienced in bringing high-voltage primary power to sites, in addition to acquiring the equipment and transformers to make that possible. Our teams fulfill all secondary power needs and specialize in the installation of electrical control systems for telecommunications, sound, lighting, security systems, alarm systems, data, area rescue, and other low-voltage requirements.

Below are just a few of the many electrical services that McCrossin offers. Please contact us for a complete list of capabilities and details:


▪ Interior power, including that for main distributions, emergency back-up systems, UPS, and TVSS
▪ Exterior power, including distribution and medium voltage systems
▪ Electrical control systems
▪ Security Systems
▪ HVAC Control Systems
▪ Lighting, including LED, streetscape, theaters, and lighting control systems