From the beginning, McCrossin established their reputation as a firm built on quality, versatility, and integrity. Gilbert M. McCrossin was educated and trained in civil engineering and heavy construction, managing a large building and supply company before founding G.M. McCrossin in 1951. Upon incorporation in 1958, one of the firm’s first notable projects entailed dismantling the 30,000-seat stadium for the Penn State Nittany Lions and relocating it to its current location on the east end of campus. It was then reassembled and expanded to 46,284 seats, and named Beaver Stadium in 1960.

In 1972, the company welcomed one of McCrossin’s most respected and devoted executives when Robert M. Leahey was named Vice President of the Mechanical Division. Leahey became President five years later and eventually purchased the company with a business partner in 1993. In 2001, Robert M. Leahey’s sons, Robert F. Leahey and Joseph J. Leahey, purchased the remaining shares from his father’s business partner. Today, Joe holds the Vice Presidential position, and his brother, Bob, holds his father’s previous title as President.

Though the company is incorporated as “G.M. McCrossin,” we are widely known as McCrossin. We’ve retained our proud history without compromising progress—McCrossin honors its founder, but has become a company led by a collective team of dedicated employees in a new era. The Constructors, Mechanical, and Electrical divisions are headquartered in Bellefonte, PA, near Penn State University. There are Foundations division offices on either side of the state,  in Hershey, in Hellertown and in Pittsburgh.

Full-service capabilities include construction management, prime contracting, sub-contracting, design-build, general contracting, electrical, mechanical, concrete, deep foundations, specialty geotechnical services, and safety training. We are proud proud of our relationships throughout the Mid-Atlantic and its surrounding regions.

What Our Clients Say…….

“I’ve never met a nicer person or a more qualified job supervisor than [your superintendent]. He went out if his way to assist DEP personnel and the other contractor; when he really did not need to do so. His integrity, honesty, knowledge and experience were in evidence throughout the entire job. It was a pleasure working with him and your company”
DEP Inspector , Public Works-State Project
“[Your superintendent’s] outstanding work, on a difficult job with problem site conditions, made the work proceed with few hold-ups. It was pleasure to work with him and G.M. McCrossin, Inc. and I look forward to working with your company in the future.”
DEP Official, Public Works-State Project
“The staff and subs that McCrossin has on board are fantastic…Every one of them was professional, helpful, responsive and dedicated to doing a good job. …..McCrossin far exceeds the quality of the work I have seen other places.”
PNC Bank Vice President , Renovation Services
“I have never worked with such a cooperative group of people that concentrated on the task of completing the project correctly. The McCrossin people (Project Manager, Office Staff, Site Superintendent and Electricians) were all professional in their duties. They all worked for the good of the project.”
Design Engineer, Telecommunication Power Upgrade Project
one of the best electrical installations that I have seen in some time. The workmanship is superb and everything seems to be according to the specifications. I truly wish I could show this project to some other Contractors so they could witness first hand how a project done right should look.”
Construction Manager, Public Works-County Project
“The crew you had here was extremely cooperative, professional and effective. Their workmanship was top-notch. We truly enjoyed working with you on this project. I assure you, we will consider you at the top of the list for our next big project.”
Head of Engineering , Private Industry-Glassware Manufacturer
“I have enjoyed the experience of working with G.M. McCrossin, Inc. I would work with you again and will recommend McCrossin to others.”
Construction Manager, Private Industry-Pharmaceutical Plant
“I was worried this job would go badly because of all the scheduling constraints, but we were very pleased with the work. G.M. McCrossin’s flexibility within our scheduling requirements was appreciated.”
Construction Manager, Penn State University