McCrossin, a full-service construction company serving customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, recently took delivery of a TerexHC 80 hydraulically powered crawler crane from Terex authorized distributor American Contractors Equipment Company.
The Terex HC 80 can lift up to 80 tons, raise up to 200 ft. of boom, or be equipped with up to 170 ft. of boom plus 60 ft. of fixed jib. Its main, auxiliary, and optional third hoist drums all feature power up/down and freefall operating modes. The main load transports at 88,000 lbs. and 11’9″ wide, including crawlers and boom butt.

The crane was immediately put to work at a jobsite in Erie, PA in mid October. McCrossin bought the Terex HC 80 because of its lifting capacity, availability, and ease of setup. McCrossin VP Joe Leahey said, “The HC 80 is a great addition to our fleet that allows us to decrease our overhead costs while expanding our territory and capabilities.”

American Contractors Equipment Company was appointed Terex authorized distributor for West Virginia and parts of Ohio and Pennsylvania in February 2015. It is authorized for boom trucks, and all-terrain, crawler, rough-terrain, and truck cranes.