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The first activity following execution of the Agreement will be the in‐house preparation and approval of our QA/QC and Project Execution Plan (PEP). McCrossin’s Quality Management System (QMS) is managed internally by Joseph Leahey, the Vice President of the company. We conduct both internal and external audits of quality processes to assure effective, validated project execution across the enterprise. McCrossin has established and embraced firm‐wide procedures for executing projects to streamline operations and promote quality.
The primary documentation of the QMS consists of the Corporate QA/QC Manual, which describes the QMS in general terms and provides an overall view of its features. Additional details of the firm’s QMS are set forth in associated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Work Instructions (WIs), associated Quality Assurance (QA) forms, Workmanship Manuals, and the firm’s Project Management and Quality Guidelines (Guidelines).
The purpose of the Guidelines is to promote effective and efficient project management and consistency in the processes by which McCrossin project managers manage their client’s projects. The Guidelines contain twelve sections: Quality Policy and Authority, Management Responsibility, Quality Systems, Project Review and Setup, Documentation Control, Purchasing and Material Controls, Material Certification & Traceability, Process Controls, Inspection and Testing, Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment, Control of Non-conforming Actions and Corrective Actions and Audits, Records and Training. The Guidelines facilitate the necessary interaction among project‐specific requirements and McCrossin’s management and accounting systems.

Our reputation and history completing quality projects is the result of years of experience
and management that does not compromise.
Quality is always at the core of our projects.


The following is included in the Company’s Quality Control Manual:

• Quality Policy and Authority • Management Responsibility • Quality Systems • Project Review and Setup • Document Control • Purchasing and Material Control • Material Certification & Traceability • Process Controls • Inspection and Testing • Inspection, Measuring, and Test Equipment • Control of Nonconforming Actions and Corrective Actions • Audits, Records and Training

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