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The purpose of the Safety Committee at McCrossin is to promote a safe and healthy work culture. Seven McCrossin managers and field supervisory personnel, chaired by Bob Biggans, Safety Director, conduct mandatory meetings once a month to discuss any incidents, near-misses, new safety items, and safety program improvements to be implemented. Once every quarter, the committee meets at a working job site and invites other superintendents, supervisors, and hourly workers to attend. The Safety Committee replaces two existing members each April to ensure that new members have a chance to be leading partners in the company’s safety mission.
If the project demands a temporary outage, we will maintain critical systems while enhancing the existing structure so as not to interrupt our client’s operating procedures. Our standard protocol involves devising a detailed procedure before initiating work so that outages occur in manageable, planned phases.


For more information about our safety training programs, or to speak with our Director of Safety, Bob Biggans,
please contact our Bellefonte office at 814-355-4848.


Every person on a job site is our company’s responsibility. At the end of each day, we want our men and women going home to their families and loved ones healthy. McCrossin is concerned with the safety of its employees, whether they work in the office or the field. We take our safety philosophy home with us. We not only maintain a safe working environment, but we advocate a safe living environment for our team members, as well. Our safety slogan is simple: “Safety is our way of life.”
Rules that we implement through our formalized program are there for a reason—our most important asset is not capital, it’s our people. If they aren’t safe, the company is not safe. Employee safety doesn’t only affect what happens on the job, it affects the personal lives of our workers and the people they love. At McCrossin, there isn’t a moment that passes when we aren’t thinking about ways to keep our team safer. Anything less than 100% on-the-job-safety is not McCrossin.
When we say that “Safety is our way of life,” we mean it. Not only do we care about our employees, but we make an industry-wide effort to train our colleagues to prevent any worker in the industry from suffering an injury. McCrossin does on-site training for all types of hazards that workers may come in contact with, including JSA’s, OSHA 10 & 30 hour training for construction and general industry (500 & 501), MSHA 24 or 40 hour training, and even confined space, excavation, fall protection, and equipment operating training. We are vigilant in inviting OSHA consultants and private safety consultants to survey our safety program and provide feedback on how to keep every single site an injury-free zone.

We are a company built upon the strength of our services, our products, and our people.

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